The Ultimate Challenge is You

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The Ultimate Challenge is You

Sometimes, that little push you need for your own self-confidence can be found in the company of like-minded people—or athletes, in this case

By Lea Javier Tanton

What is slowing you down from reaching that goal of fitness, health, or success?

Self-confidence is more valuable than the confidence you build from achieving. Yes, those defining moments can definitely encourage you. But you are only as strong as you have built yourself to be before any race, any game or any tournament. I know that because in the twenty years I have played football, all of my victories were on the practice field where I challenged myself. Sadly to say, it took me years to realize who the battles were for—myself.

Sometimes, you use personal criticisms to motivate yourself. We say, “pick it up, you’re too slow!” or we say, “Dang, you are too fat and need to cut more weight.” Those constructive criticisms may not be as constructive as we want them to be. But let’s not create an excuse to have a lack of humility. Just to speak positivity into your own life. For example, “I am great and I can be even greater.” It’s you alone that will need to jump the first hurdle and push towards the last.

I took the nudge to attend the Nike Women’s Night as a sign, to get motivated and do something outside of my norm. I told myself, “It’s a small hurdle, you can jump it, and I did. They sparked life into my goals by encouraging a spirit of positivity and by creating “inspire yourself” events.


Sometimes it’s you, alone and possibly struggling to get over that first hurdle and push towards the last. Fully understanding those struggles that an athlete can go through, Nike believes that long road doesn’t need to be faced alone. Nike’s ladies’ night was a perfect example of what a woman can feel and should feel when she steps on the track: which is, a pair of solid running shoes to support and make her feel
good, workout gear for comfort, and confidence written across her face and in her posture as she pushes to race against herself. The diehard attitude of a woman in any circumstance—be it as a stay at home mom, a corporate leader, business owner, athlete and the like, is definitely the same die hard attitude that should be utilized on the track as she races for happiness, freedom and against everything that attempts to defeat her.

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When will you schedule your wake up call? Your limitless you? When will you race for yourself?